穴子 穴子 刺身 穴子 天ぷら
We are proud of our premium Anago eel, which you can enjoy in our restaurant,
since the restaurant gets it's fish directly from the allied on site fishery itself.
We use only high-grade Anago (Conger Eel) that can just be fished near Tsushima. 
Anagos (Conger Eels) are caught one by one by the traditional "basket fishing".
After that we put them alive in our waterpools, where they get fed with mud for 2 or
3 days. The size of the conveyer eel (over 51 cm in length) is selected and utilized.
We can provide fresh eel sashimi, because of our special way of supply. Enjoy the 
seafood from Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture and the techniques of the chef who learned
the Japanese cuisine method "Shijo-ryu", which has been handed down since the Heian era.