Fascinated by the Sea of Tsushima
"対馬水産 Tsushima Fisheries"

Tsushima Fisheries and "Shiroya Kitashinchi, Mitsushima-cho,
Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki" offer a variety of dishes, such as the famous
"Nodoguromeshi Chazuke", as well as the "Kue-Nabe" course.

"Tsushima traditional basket fishing" a fishery to capture alive Anago one by one.

Traditional "basket fishing" has been passed on from Tsushima since ancient times. It carefully catches the Anago. In contrast to “seine fishing”, Anago caught with Tsushima “basket fishing” can be caught alive with high quality without damaging the fish. In contrast to "Seine fishing", a special device enables only one fish to be caught at a time and the small Anagos to escape from the trap without damage. The ecosystem is thus taken into account and
the protection of the species is guaranteed.


Transport of fisheries without stress,
in live fish carts.

We have a business alliance with Tsushima Fisheries and its natural domestic products. In order to be reliable to serve fresh and delicious ingredience with confidence, we only use products sourced directly from "Tsushima Fisheries". We only use products that are landed by our trusted partner fishing boats and processed in their factories. Our seafood is delivered directly from the processing point to our restaurants.